Terms of Service

Last Updated: May 15, 2023

Service Content and User Rights and Obligations

This service is a Chrome extension plugin application that provides web content summarization and translation functions. Users can use this service while browsing web pages, but should promise not to use this service for any illegal or non-compliant behavior.

The service provider has the right to terminate or suspend the service at any time without prior notice to the user.

Privacy Protection

The service provider promises to protect the privacy of user personal information and will not disclose or sell user personal information. This service may call the corresponding services of ChatGPT or POE. For privacy issues caused by this, please refer to the corresponding service terms of the relevant service. Users agree to the way the service provider collects, uses, stores and protects personal information, including but not limited to IP address, browser type, operating system, access time and other information. The service provider will strictly abide by relevant privacy laws and regulations.

Intellectual Property Protection

The service provider owns all intellectual property rights in this service, including but not limited to software copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc.

Users may not infringe on the service provider’s intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copying, modifying, selling, transferring, distributing, and other actions.


The service provider does not assume any responsibility for any loss caused by the user’s use of this service, including but not limited to account loss caused by service interruption, service error, and user behavior. This service provides the corresponding summary and translation functions through ChatGPT or POE web pages. This function is a personal experimental function, which may be adjusted or even cancelled at any time in the future. Users should first understand the terms of use of ChatGPT and POE to decide whether to use this service.

The service provider is not responsible for any losses caused by the abnormality or suspension of third-party service accounts due to the use of this service, as well as any losses caused by the content returned by ChatGPT or POE services. Users should bear all risks of using this service on their own.

Terms of Modification and Interpretation

The service provider has the right to modify the terms at any time without prior notice to the user. Users should check the terms regularly to understand the latest changes to the terms. The service provider has the right to interpret the content of the terms.


The above is the terms of service of this service. If the user does not agree to any content of this service agreement, he should immediately stop using this service. The user’s use of this service is deemed to agree to all the above terms.

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