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FoldSum summarizes selected text on web pages to improve your reading efficiency.

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Why FoldSum?

Save Time

FoldSum lets you specify text to summarize and replace it inline.

Multi-lang support

FoldSum supports summarization and translation in one step.

Token free

FoldSum uses web-based ChatGPT or POE as summarization and translation engine, with no extra token cost.

How Does it Work?

"Summarization Freedom" in three steps.

1 Click here to download and install the FoldSum browser extension;

2 Open a logged-in ChatGPT or POE page;

3 Switch to another page, select text to summarize, and click "Summarize" button to complete.


FoldSum is free to use, and with no extra token cost for summarization and translation.

What's included

Unlimited summarization of selected text in any webpage

Inline replaced page content with generated summary

Supported layered nested summaries

Translate summarized content in multiple languages

Supports web-based ChatGPT and POE as summarization engine

Price free and token free

100% Free

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