July 26, 2023

FoldSum 0.3.1:Token Count Estimation and Improved Privacy Settings

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FoldSum has released its latest version 0.3.1, which brings the following new features:

Token Count Estimation

After selecting the text to be summarized, the Toolbar menu now includes a new feature that estimates the token consumption. When the mouse hovers over the corresponding menu icon, it displays the approximate number of tokens required for summarizing once. Please note that this token count includes the selected text as well as the Prompt content required for the agent to output the actual summary.

Hovering over the menu icon displays the approximate tokens needed for summarization.

At the same time, the generated summary result menu also displays the estimated total token consumption, including the tokens consumed for both input and output. The Tooltip also shows which agent engine was used to generate the summary.

Summary result menu shows token consumption and agent engine used.

ChatGPT API Settings Page Optimization

This version also optimizes the display of the API Key on the ChatGPT API Settings page. To enhance privacy protection, the API Key is completely hidden with * * *. Additionally, a button has been added to support copying the API Key to the clipboard.

Improved privacy for API Key display

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